Thursday, June 30, 2011

David VanderLeest: "Fear my ability to Polarize the Public!" *

This degree of candor is almost admirable:
Crooked public officals [sic.] like this do not deserve the public trust. They fear my ability to polarize the public and expose true corruption that takes place at the hand of public officials who have different political views then me.
By the way, do you think the Green Bay Police Department has finished the paperwork on the "break-in" at the recall office VanderLeest was operating in April by now? It'd be interesting to read what their conclusion are.

* I'd be interested to get other folks' takes on my rather shamelessly edited title. My impression is that VanderLeest isn't calling his political opponents paranoid so much as he's suggesting that they sure as hell better fear him. If I'm wrong to think so, let me know.

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