Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Two Faces of Randy Hopper

As if getting bitch-slapped by the Northwestern earlier this week wasn't enough (and we should probably point out that the language used in the editorial condemning Hopper is the strongest the NW uses), Hopper is back in the saddle again today bragging about killing collective bargaining:
Further proof that the collective bargaining changes implemented in the budget are working, today the Fond du Lac School district announced that they will be able to eliminate an anticipated $4.4 million dollar deficit simply with the tools that they were provided in the 2011-2013 budget proposal. Following this announcement, Senator Randy Hopper (R-Empire) issued the following statement.

“This is great news for students, teachers, and residents of the Fond du Lac School District. They were able to eliminate a $4.4 million budget shortfall without laying off one teacher, without increasing the class size, and were able to replace 100% of teachers who retired (43). Parents will be happy to know that when their kids return to the class room in September, there will be no impact on their kid’s education.” 
I'm sure Hopper told the folks in the photo below the exact same thing the day this picture was taken:

Randy Hopper: He's lied to his wife, he's lied to voters -- is there anyone else out there he hasn't lied to yet?

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