Wednesday, July 20, 2011

David VanderLeest: I Have Only Begun to Crazy!!!

DVL's dropped his last joint of campaign 2011 and it did not disappoint:
We received a higher percentage of votes in yesterday’s election than the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s endorsed candidate, in the 2008 general election against Hansen. We ran a clean campaign with no money to speak of. With these things considered, I am personally happy with the outcome of the general election results. Moving forward I am going to continue to work for the people of NE Wisconsin. I am going to launch a campaign to display the 10 commandments in the Brown County Courthouse. 
That last line was totally worth the price of admission. The good news is that we haven't heard the last from DVL. The better news is that he's decided to pick a fight that he knows full well he has no chance of winning, like Don Quixote tilting at courthouse-shaped windmills. That can only mean much more entertainment to come.

For those who need a reminder, a nativity scene displayed at the Green Bay city hall back in 2009 caused something of a stir (not to mention a lawsuit or two). The Supreme Court has also been explicitly clear this issue as well. Basically, DVL's press release is a pledge that he will remain a belligerent, cancerous barnacle on the hull of the ship of state.

Should be fun.

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