Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Worst Candidate Since Tom Reynolds

Congrats, I guess, to Kim Simac on winning her GOP primary. For her troubles she will now receive unrelenting horrible press, nonstop ridicule and continuous condescending blog posts from the likes of yours truly.

Simac is just about the worst possible candidate imaginable and is the personification of just how unseriously the GOP have taken these recalls. Anyone who thought Dave VanderLeest got it rough these last few weeks are in for a wonderful surprise. Simac is a raving lunatic and is completely oblivious to her position on the fringe of American life. This should be a pick-up district for the GOP -- instead they're watching it pass by like a slow floater through the strike zone. Well played ... if you want to hear wife-swapping jokes for the next 4 weeks.

The District 22 race was also a race to the bottom of sorts: less than 10,000 total GOP voters came out to choose their nominee. The average vote total for the victorious Dems over the fake Dems in last week's bullshit primary was 19,200. Throw in the fact that Johnathan Steitz is basically a FIP and this district is essentially a lost cause.

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