Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger's Party Girls

Easily the best piece I've read on the L'affaire Tiger Woods and one that gives the most plausible explanation for why some of the women are keeping their mouths shut: they're not "club girls" or "bar floozies," they're stone cold killers (not literally, of course):
So think of Rachel not as a spurned mistress but more as a faithful confidante in Woods' elite inner circle. She knows where all the coochie is buried (even more than we know at this time), and if there has been any kind of financial transaction made for her silence, it was done with that in mind. Another equally viable alternative is that Rachel had the good sense to know she'll have quite a career for herself in this "legit" business once all this Tiger mess has passed. She knows how to honor the omerta of all VIP hosts that Tiger paid big money for her to observe.

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grumps said...

Do you suppose he paid her off with one of those big trophy checks?