Friday, December 4, 2009

An Open Question to Climate Change Deniers

If there is no such thing a climate change, what happens to the exhaust created by burnt fossil fuels?

Until this question can be answered in a way that demonstrates the exhaust does no harm to the atmosphere, climate change deniers have no legs to stand on.


Grant said...

It's just "common sense" that large effects must have large causes.

It doesn't make sense that 19 dudes with boxcutters can kill thousands and do billions of dollars in damage. It must therefore be a worldwide conspiracy of millions of Islamofascists.

Conversely, increasing carbon dioxide by 190 parts per million to .038% of air can't possibly have an effect on temperature.

Anonymous said...

Can I answer a question with another question? Why are skeptics labeled deniers?

And Grant ought to check his math.

Grant said...

It wasn't 19 dudes?

Anonymous said...

Simple minds ask simple questions.

Here's an example. Let's say you set up a little experiment by placing a 4x8 sheet of plywood on a 45 degree angle. Now place a ball at the top and observe what happens. Now place a brick. You might have to tilt it up a little but the brick will eventually do what the ball did. Keep placing objects up there and you will soon conclude that all objects behave the same way. Now put a garden hose up hter eand turn on the water. Wow, the water doesn't take a straight path down. it meanders and some of it goes off the side. So much for your simple minded conclusion. BTW, Earth's atmosphere is a fluid.