Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why "The Phantom Menace" Sucked

This is the first part of a -- I shit you not -- 70 minute epic review of "The Phantom Menace." Watch every last minute of it -- it's dead on, hilarious and apparently done by some dude from Milwaukee.

MORE: Just wanted to add the link to the other six parts here and a snippet from the original post:
Some guy named Mike from Milwaukee, WI put together a 70-minute video review discussing the many reasons why the movie was horrible. And this isn’t your usual fanboy rant, this is an epic, well-edited well-constructed piece of geek film criticism. In fact, the way I learned about the video was from Lost co-creator and Star Trek producer Damon Lindelof, who said “Your life is about to change. This is astounding film making. Watch ALL of it.”
Lindelof isn't speaking hyperbolically. It's a pretty kick-ass piece of guerrilla film-making. "Mike" -- or the narrator of the review -- actually develops into a character with more depth than any of the characters in the prequels. It's a fascinating meta-narrative that's both entertaining, intellectually engaging and succeeds in so many ways that it claims TPM does not.

I can only hope this is the start of a trend. I'd love to see equally in-depth reviews for episode II and III, the second and third Matrix movies, Battlefield Earth, and countless other filmic disasters. I can see film school students, with literature minors, go apeshit on movie adaptations of classic novels.

In conclusion: more of this, please.

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