Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Anniversaries of the Damned: Philly Fans Boo Santa

Via the 700 Level:
Nothing has continued to eternally damn the reputation of Philly sports fans more than their behavior on December 15th, 1968. On halftime of the Eagles' game against the Vikings, a 19-year-old in a Santa Claus suit came out to greet the fans, and was greeted with a shower of boos and a probably much-harder-to-ignore shower of snowballs. Despite occurring over 40 years ago, the incident continues to get brought up in almost every half-assed indictment of Philly Fans Gone Wild, as the primary evidence of the cold, black heart that apparently beats inside every one of us.

The rest of the post is actually devoted to justifying the booing. Seriously.

This is why I do not screw with Philly fans.

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grumps said...

Eagles fans would boo Christ for stumbling with the cross