Sunday, December 6, 2009

Skins Game

The number of women the press have identified who have purportedly slept with Tiger Woods is up to 8.

Does anyone want to wager that the number of named women who claim or are believed to have had affairs with Woods breaks 20?


Zach W. said...

I'd be shocked if it didn't reach 20+.

CJ said...

There's a lot of proud wenches out there, huh.

There goes his commercial endorsements.

The dog better get an AIDS test.

His wife needs to kick him to the curb and take him to the cleaners.

Jb said...

He's not going to lose a single important endorsement. In fact, n a weird way this might only help him.

Think about the people he's selling to: golf enthusiasts. There are few places more conducive to bragging about sexual conquests than on the golf course.

I really don't buy this business about his endorsement being ties a squeaky clean image. Anyone's who's paid more than cursory glance at his career knows that Woods is visibly arrogant on the links. Companies want him to hawk their wares because he's the most dominant athlete in his sport. If he comes back and can't swing a golf club to save his life, then his sponsors will start to jet.

CJ said...

I see your point.

Then again, I just don't relate to popular culture.

Might have to give him a new nickname. Tiger Woody.

CJ said...

The count is up to nine....
Sex addict? Or just a dick?

grumps said...

I'll bet an even eighteen. If the count goes to twenty it may be because of a playoff.