Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Health Care = Votes

Shit like this is a perfect example of why it's hard to take The Progressive seriously any more.

Rothchild's screed contains no discussion of facts, statistics or the merits and deficiencies of policy alternatives; nor an assessment of political realities -- real, perceived, or otherwise. It's just a wish list followed by incessant whining and blame:
If you’re a good progressive, and you wanted single-payer health care for all, or, second best, Medicare for All Who Want It, or third best, a robust public option, or fourth best, a paltry public option, now you’ve got nothing, nada, zippo.
The entire construction of this asinine sentence pisses me off to no end.

First, the object of health care reform is to reform health care delivery. Not to progressives, not to conservatives, but to human bodies regardless of ideology. Rothchild seems to think that only "progressives" have any skin in the game (as it were) here. That's bullshit.

Secondly, it constructs a heirarchy based on the government delivery of said health care reform: the more government involvement one desires with reform, the more ore "progressive" you can consider yourself. This is the exact ideological trap conservatives currently find themselves in, only with a liberal twist. The moment liberals return to a mindset wherein they believe the government is the solution to all of society's problems, then they start on that long road back to the minority.

Let's just cut to the chase. One of our favorite numbers here at The Chief is this one: "96 percent of voters -- as opposed to people at large -- have health insurance."

Got that?

This health care bill has the potential to create millions of new voters in the long run ... and those new voters aren't going to be voting for conservatives.

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"The entire construction of this asinine sentence pisses me off to know end."