Friday, December 4, 2009


Palin's one!

MORE: Best post from the Memeo thread:
Transcript via Allahpundit, who asks: "I wonder if she realized when she said this that it’s going to follow her around." Well if not, she is hardly qualified to manage a fantasy baseball team, much less the government of the United States.
MORE STILL: Dave Weigel:
Another angle here is what it reveals about Palin’s character. She has spoken and written angrily for more than a year about the people she calls “Trig Truthers,” anyone who questions whether Trig Palin is her son. The lesson she’s taken from the experience is not that conspiracy theories are out of bounds. It’s that if they are going to be conspiracy theories about her, there might as well be conspiracy theories about her political enemies.
EVEN MORE: Rod Dreher:
What she seems to be saying is, "They did it to me first, so it's fair game." Given the disgusting way she was treated by the Trig Truther trolls, Palin of all people ought to understand how immoral and insane these birther-truther conspiracies are. Yet she went right to it without a moment's hesitation in that interview.

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