Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Paul Esslinger Controls the Media (Part 2)

God help us all, but seven individuals have applied to fill the empty council seat and there appears to be two clear favorites: Steve Cummings and Larry Spanbauer.

We've noted before that Steve Cummings was probably not going to win over a majority of the Council fresh off the election, but now that he's positioned himself next to a few other applicants he probably has a better shot.

But now there's a intriguing detail thrown into the mix. Tacked onto the end of Spanbauer's application is a letter of recommendation from none other than Paul Esslinger ... seriously!

Spanbauer's served on the council before, so he can not exactly be accused of bringing a fresh voice to the council, but to flagrantly pander to a wing of the council in such a blatant way is really astonishing. Spanbauer's resume looks impressive by itself --the inclusion of Esslinger's letter essentially negates all of Spanbauer's previously mentioned qualifications and says through a Cheshire grin, "Yeah, here's how I'll vote!" Why in God's name would you make an appointment any more political than it already is?

If for no other reason than this silly mistake, appointing Spanbauer back to the council should be given a second thought. Unless more candidates submit their applications, get ready for the council to split into three minds over the appointment: two seats will favor Cummings, two seats will go for Spanbauer, and two seats will eventually make the call.


Jef said...

I have to say you are wrong on this one. Spanbauer and Esslinger have had (in my opinion/observations)a falling out over the years (note mention of Bill Castle's Esslinger endorsement in the same letter).

Ancient history.

Mr. Spanbauer most recently backed Jess King in her election to the council - not a ready match with Esslinger.

It seems to me (and I have not spoken to anyone involved) that the inclusion of the thank you letter was more of a poke in the eye to Esslinger.

But it also shows Mr. Spanbauer's ability to at least dialog with both side of the council divide.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention it puts Esslinger in a very intersting position to say the least. If he votes against Spanbauer he'll look even pettier than he already does.

CJ said...

the things that make you go hmmmmm........