Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Actually, That's the Stupidest Argument I've Ever Heard

Randy Melchart of the RecallDoyle Circus:
Over 50 people packed the American Legion hall in Manitowoc to hear how they could initiate what would be only the third recall of a sitting US Governor in American history.
OK, so it would appear that recalling governors is actually a rare action that doesn't happen all that much. Nevertheless:
Now originally I was a little skeptical. Yes we don’t like him, but can we recall him because he’s raising every tax and fee in town? Orville from CRG makes a compelling argument: Elections are for hiring, and Recalls are for firing.
So even though Randy, in the very first paragraph of his post points out that recalls, in fact, happen only very rarely (and presumably under extraordinary circumstances), he says in the very next graph that they are actually the appropriate tool for the job.

It's been like two months since the Recall Doyle folks (birthers among them) first announced this embarrassing spectacle, and there hasn't been a single signature collected to the best of anyone's knowledge: put up or shut up already.

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Capt. Karl said...

We have well over 4000 volunteers "Signed UP". Everyone of these volunteers are signing up more volunteers right now.

We are in the "Exploratory Stage". Once our current 4000 volunteers have signed up 2 - 5 more volunteers we will have well over 10,000 volunteer petition circulators from across The State of Wisconsin. At that point we formally file for the actual RECALL of Gov. Doyle. Then we have 60 days to procure a little over 500,000 signatures for the actual recall. Each volunteer will need less than 50 signatures to get the mission to flush the Doyle-lett.