Friday, May 22, 2009

"The Road" Trailer

Very cool book. Dope cast. I give the trailer a B/C though:

More here.


random n00b said...

Okay darling, I gotta get tough with ya now. Whatever that sound is you have on autoplay, it cuts in and out and is unintelligable, so if I come here it's with my sound turned down.

But now!!! I see a trailer which has VIGO! omfg, luv teh Vigo. and I see it's some special effects post-apocalyptic stuff, oooh luv that too. Especially when the post-apocalyptic movie has NO Kevin Costner, double-yay! and wow I don't know this book, I'm curious, I wanna watch the vid so naturally I turn my sound on and


OH YEAH I FORGOT the goddam cluster-noise-fuck you got playing all the live-long day on here. And now it's competing with the video, obviously I can't turn the one down and the other up, both go up equally, ergo cluster-noise-fuck pwns dope movie trailer.

Death to the cluster-noise-fuck !!!

(btw if you watch the HarrisonFord-watches-Amish-Girl-take-sponge-bath movie a.k.a. "Witness" a young Vigo plays a random Amish community guy in crowd scenes. Weilds hammer, drinks lemonade, nods appreciatively, and looks concerned as needed. Lol)

random n00b said...

oops I have deprived Viggo of his proper amount of Gs.

if you don't mind a queation - would you say this movie/book qualifies as "cyberpunk"? I have an online friend who referred to Cyberpunk the other day (don't find wiki definitions I see as very helpful and YT comment-dwellers are typically retards) My cyberpunk pal is about to begin the Dune series I guess, I just don't recall that term used back in the day, but maybe I just was oblivious. But now I can go ask mah lil buddy if he has read The Road and what he thought.

Tho' it looks really violent/scary now that I saw the trailer properly on Youtube.

Ron said...

Great book. Dark. Looks like the movie took "liberties" with the plot though.