Friday, May 22, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, random n00b ....

Big up yourself. You're welcome here whenever you goddamn please!

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Anonymous said...

mm kay, thanks....but ???
well, I guess I'll just attribute that violent outburst of hospitality to your overall mysterious Chiefness. Motivations, inspirations, and identity all unknown.

btw speaking of motivations, I have examined my own and by use of arcane psychological methods I was able to isolate and identify my initial Anti-Chief feelings. You know, that queasy sensation each time I saw your name. Yep i remembered.
When I was very young my father called me Chief. Each day after work he'd come in the door and greet me by saying "what's goin' on Chief?", and make other similar Chiefly remarks lol whenever we actually spoke (on rare evenings when he had no committee meetings). I took this to mean I was the only intelligent person in the room and was covertly in charge. it seemed logical XDDDDD
But horrors! Apparently this buried memory has endowed me with both the delusions of grandeur I have in general, and that early reaction upon finding your blog - "wtf, this guy is NOT the Chief". But after my intensive psychological work I am now at peace, and you may carry on with my blessings.

<3 mwah! <3