Saturday, May 23, 2009


By day, Lance Burri (pictured left) earns a living servicing state Sen. Mary Lazich as part of one of the most mind-blowingly inept office teams ever to grace the Wisconsin Senate. By night, Burri services the second-rate conservative blogger Robert Sydney McCain by imitating his idol's every writing tic on his own blog.

So what the hell is Burri doing telling his readers to boycott the National Republican Senatorial Committee?

It's one thing for disgruntaled conservative blowhards to advocate boycotts of thier own party's instutions, it's quite another for "professional" political staffers to do the same.


random n00b said...

Dearest Chief,

Now that the names are all in, will you be doing an analysis or ranking of any type of the Osh CC candidates before the Big Decision is made?

- I think I would like to see Jef Hall "out there", off the sidelines and in a decision-making capacity. He's not dumb, he's not shy and he seems to be opinionated. Would he be a "unique" voice? (Other than his history as water-carrier for the Dems)Or do you think he'll fit neatly into a voting bloc?

- hahaha If Paul wants some "debate", shouldn't they pick Stephen Hintz? He's got the experience to fill out the term without "training", and he won't be using the appointment for a sleazy boost to further a failed political career like some also-rans might like to try. (I hate that kinda thing. so anyone who ran for dogcatcher back in 2005 and came in -300 but still really wants to be "important" anyway..pffft. fah-get-about it)

- Anyone who uses the phrase "give back to the community" in their application or presentation - can go straight to hell. Do not collect 200 dollars. Sit there until you draw a Get Out of Hell Free card. grrr.

- There's a authority-hating appeal to the Angry Arthaus Guy, but bitterness alone wears pretty thin pretty quickly. It's fair to assume he never thought of running until Esslinger announced he'd scuttle the Parking Lot Mission. So while rage has appeal, spur-of-the-moment sour grapes and one-issue representation really does not a good council member make. Besides he can safely assume the ONW will play the parking lot issue for all it can, Mr. Arthaus can probably leave it to Stew to handle as flambouyantly as possible. Bells and whistles gratis.

oh yeah - let's not forget Dick O'Day looks good in a tinfoil hat, so that might be a consideration too. If you like your council to be sparkly.
But final answer - my pick (he'd be surprised to hear this, Lol so am I) would be Jef Hall.

CJ said...

"It's one thing for disgruntaled conservative blowhards to advocate boycotts of thier own party's instutions, it's quite another for "professional" political staffers to do the same."

Ah, but not quite another for an unprofessional staffer...

random nOOb-
Love you commentary. You need a blog!

p.s Steve Cummings "wanting to give back to the community" as his reason? He should contact United Way for a volunteer assignment.

random n00b said...

CJ, you know I do whatever you say (well, sometimes) Therefore, I will blog at your command. I'll have to get back to you on that tho'.
also, I'm impressed that you know wtf the Chief was talking about in this post, just don't know those folks at all.

Will you be attending the council meeting on Pageant night? If so, your impressions would be interesting.
Due to the large number of contestants I think we should demand a few elimination rounds - perhaps a talent portion, and definitely a swmisuit competition. Reviewing 15 applicants seems like a rather daunting task, but it will all be worth it the moment when Paul settles the tiara on the head of his successor.
*sniff* *huggz*

CJ said...

random nOOb,

I will not be in attendance at tonight's meeting, but will be watching with rapt attention while sitting in my pj's. (Can't wear pj's at city hall, now can I?)

Glad to hear you will blog! I am a HUGE fan of the Chief. There's always room for more cutting edge, INTELLIGENT commentary. Can't wait to read it.

Uh, as for the swimsuit competetion...not a good idea. That would pretty much eliminate ALL of them.

p.s. I think Paul's going to have a more difficult time than he thought pulling for a ringer. The candidate pool has gotten quite large. When I read about Steve Hintz submitting his app, I knew the Chamber was drumming up a couple more candidates for their team.