Monday, September 10, 2007

Rumsfeld & Iraq

This month's GQ will apparently feature interviews with both Donald Rumsfeld (his first since leaving office last year) and Colin Powell.

The Rumsfeld interview is apparently noteworthy for the former SecDef's insistence that the administration was prepared for the events that many people argue contributed to the failure of the Iraq:

Rumsfeld says that, before the war, "I sat down and hand-wrote fifteen, twenty, twenty-five things that could be...could go wrong, could be real problems...I wrote down all of the things that could be problems: That we wouldn't find weapons of mass destruction. That there'd be a Fortress Baghdad, and a lot of people would be killed. All of this... I read it in a National Security Council meeting. Then I went back to my office--I had handwritten it--and I dictated it and added four or five things. And I think there's probably thirty items on it. And then I sent it around to each of the members of the National Security Council, to the president and the vice president. So that all of them had in their heads the things that were difficult, problematic, worrisome, dangerous."

While the whole article isn't online yet, this passage doesn't mention anything about contingency planning for the events that Rumsfeld says he contemplated, nor does it mention any instructions given to or by the National Security Council to plan for any such events.

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