Monday, September 10, 2007

An American Military Coup?

EconoSpeak takes a look at a new poll that says the American people are more inclined to trust military officials to find solutions to the Iraq war that their civilian leadership and arrives at an extreme conclusion:

COMMENT: if these numbers continue and start to apply to more and more issues in US politics, we should expect a military coup d'etat in the future (in a decade or two?) After all, neoliberalism and especially the Bush 2 version of that disease have messed up the economy and made it almost impossible for the "loyal opposition" (the Dems) to do better. The country's becoming more and more like Latin America, so it may come a time when a golpe del estado is a normal event.

Well, yeah ... but what kind of issues, outside the parameters of national security, would the American public turn to the military to solve? How can the armed forces correct the economy?
Education? Pubic health?

At the moment it sounds like the public trusts the military to handle military matters in the way it would trust doctors to handle medical issues. Problems start to arise when the military is seen as a panacea to all of society's ills and there is no polling evidence to suggest that's currently the case.

Which is not to say that the U.S. constitution is entirely fool-proof to the possibility to a military coup. Here's a classic example of how it could happen (long, but a great read). I just don't think the circumstances in America are nearly dire enough at the moment or foreseeable future for the populace to roll over so easily to the possibility.

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