Monday, September 10, 2007

More on Federer

I stand in awe of Roger Federer, so when LG&M asks,

Is anyone else sick of seeing him win so often and so seemingly effortlessly? I would love to see that steely shell crack just a bit. Djokovic, choke though he did in those set points, at least has a sense of humor and lets us see his personality on and off the court.

I kind of have to say "No, I'm not sick of him winning yet." When he wins the French Open, then the Grand Slam, then, maybe, I'll start getting sick of him ... but as long as he still plays like Baryshnikov dances, like he did in the U.S. Open final, I want to see more.

Federer may be able to do things to a tennis ball that defy the principles of Euclidean geometry but he's not without his weaknesses. Once he masters the clay court, then his winning might start to get redundant, but until he does wondering if this will be the year is always goig to be one sport's great guessing games.

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