Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Shining Examples of Stunning Logic from Mary Lazich's Fat Inbred Fluffer

Shorter Kevin Fischer: I love the fags, just as long as they're pissing off Muslims and not practicing monogamy.


Anonymous said...

He finds amusement in pitting socially marginalized groups of people he hates against each other in a mutually ethnic cleansing manner while reveling in the idea of their suffering? Thank God those people aren't really human, and so they obviously can't feel things the same as you and me.
It's a good thing this man is a Christian, otherwise he'd be an evil maggot destined for Hell. But you know, Jesus is a dumb fuck and is easily fooled. It's okay if you ignore everything Jesus ever said and did, as long as you say his name a lot around influential people - he suckers for that every time. Dumbass narcissist son of God, Kevin Fischer can out-smart him any day.

CJ said...

Mary Lazich's fluffer?

I can't go there...