Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is Getting Ridiculous

Shit like this is absolutely dumbfounding:

It's one thing to flip-flop on the issues.

But who's ever heard of a candidate rewriting his own company history?

That's exactly what U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson did last week.

For nearly nine years, his plastics company has carried this online description of its beginning:

"Founded in 1977, Pacur occupies a facility constructed specifically for sheet extrusion, which provides polyester and polypropylene sheet and rollstock to converters, distributors, and end users," said the website for the Oshkosh-based factory.

But that changed on Wednesday.


CJ said...

HUD money...

"But state records say it was actually incorporated on July 21, 1978. Its name was officially changed to Pacur one year later.

Perhaps the company history is in for yet another revision."

Ya think?

Anonymous said...

This poser gets more smarmy every day. If he's this bad during a campaign can you imagine how slippery and dishonest he'd be if he got elected? What a fucking joke. I can see why his campaign wants to keep him away from much of the media. He's too stupid for most of them.