Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dirty Trick of the Day: Desperate-looking Web Videos

Serving a candidate with a subpoena at the beginning of a press conference: begrudgingly ballsy.

Making a web video out of the incident that looks like it was made by shitty break dancing teen melodramas: dick move.

[via BS]

[We almost forgot about this recurring feature and seems as good a time as any to resurrect it.]

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The Party of Stewie said...

Speaking of Dirty campaign deeds, IMO it's good Feingold is still playing his Elizabeth Acklund ad. (Also good he went with the pro-hunting thing.)

It would be cool if all Russ' ads from now on had some minute reference to Lizzie A. Like product placement is done in movies. Republicans really aren't the party of No. They're the Party of Fear. They feed off it, and if you trip in front of them you're screwed. They swarm you like raptors and chew ya down to the bone.
The bigger Russ' cojones are the better off we'll all be.