Friday, August 13, 2010

Listicles for the Ages

Behold, history's stupidest list.


Michael J. Mathias said...

I can't believe that Chomsky got more votes than Bill Clinton. Rigged!

Stewie said...

That's very interesting though. The vast majority of people on the list are names that are bandied about in popular culture. They so the prevalence of "hive brain" among Bloggers certainly, but I'd go so far as to say all of "political types" suffer from an overall Borg mentality. Memes are picked up and repeated till hell won't have it 9as opposed to actual in-depth examination/discussion and debate. memes are important BECAUSE they are memes, not necessarily because they are such icons of culture and meaning) Anyways...

The list does NOT show much "personality", not much evidence of a strong grounding in history, not much angsty wresting with the messages of various people and how they impacted our nation. WAY to many are current figures. Event he hating on Jimmy Cater, that's a hive brain thing. Just like the Reagan who really was (if you were adult back then) is SO very different than Reagan-the-Myth, or just another meme.

It's sad/scary that the people who are supposedly "engaged" and "informed" in our culture today are really just passing along political versions of LOLCats. BUT I would also argue that people/bloggers who DON'T do that are marginalized and not read anyway. Non-pack thinking and behavior is irrelevant and ineffectual. Yet, all of history proves that "great thinkers" and amazing advances in anything (tend to) occur AWAY from the Hive Brain of the Current Day. And, enough people in a culture need to value Independent thought for it to be picked up on and passed along. (hopefully not as yet another superficial meme)

But I think that list has buried in a a lot of "poetic" insight into the "world" of blogging at this time.
as always, just My Own Humble..

'Tard Stewie said...

typos- sorry.