Sunday, August 22, 2010


Since Juggaloes were a story of local note last year, I feel compelled to point people to a few pieces on the annual Gathering of Juggaloes, which was held in Illinois last weekend. There are some absolutely mind-blowing reports from the festivities that deserve to be celebrated in all of their glory.

First, here's the promotional infomercial that bounced around the internet prior to the event. Yes, infomercial: it's almost 20 minutes long. When I first saw it a month ago I thought I was going to watch 30 seconds of it, roll my eyes and then move on to something else; but, alas, I ended up watching the whole damn thing. Go ahead and try watching it: if you make it passed the first minute, you'll be sucked in for the long haul.

Next, and for a little historical perspective, here's a story from Vice Magazine chronicling the 2007 Gathering.

Lastly, is the phenomenal photography of Nate Smith, who went above and beyond the anthropological call of duty in documenting this year's event:

A general overview.
Portraits of Juggaloes.
Comedy at the Gathering.
The Miss Juggalette Contest & Juggalettes baring their breasts.
The art of nonverbal Juggalo communication.
The story of the Method Man and Redman set.
Midget wrestling at the Gathering.
An account of the infamous Tila Tequila set.
"The Michael Jackson Moonwalk BBQ Blowout Pajama Jam"


Fuckin' Stewie, Sees Ur Fuckin' Post said...

The Milky Way and fucking shooting stars

Fucking rainbows after it rains

p.s. Stewie has noticed that in America no gathering for any purpose at all is really A-list until there's a Breast-Baring Event.
Stewie stays home a lot O_o

CJ said...

What kind of seminars do you attend at a Juggalo Festival?

Igor said...

Glad you dug my photography. It was an insane four days I will tell you that much... But for the record Juggalos does not have an E in it!

And CJ, most of the Seminars were just question and answer seminars with the bands....