Saturday, February 2, 2008

Love Day is Nigh!

Ah, Valentine's Day ... the most erotic day of the Hallmark Cards, Inc. fiscal calender.

If you're like me, the feast day of Saint Valentine is a merry occasion for a date with a poorly lit room, the music of Robert Johnson and a bottle of whiskey -- but if you don't suffer from soul-crushing ennui, here are some helpful links to make the festivities more, well, whatever they're supposed to be ... oh, that's right: romantic!

* Sugar Daddy dating.

* Hey, Derb: Where the ladies at?

* Bald is beautiful.

* A quicky on the holodeck, perhaps?

* How about a menage a trois with Ayn Rand?

* Office nookie.

* Gentlemen, I give you the Field Guide to the Casanova.

* Trying to get that special someone drunk? Do so in the manner God intended: with Sprecher Cupid Weiss.

* Not merely just mail-order brides any more, Russian women are smokin' -- literally.

* Viva La France: a French company actually tailor-makes alibis for couples having affairs.

* And if that doesn't work out for you, The Chief can recommend a few good lawyers.

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