Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nerds on Parade

On a day when most of America celebrates its muscle-bound gladiators of the gridiron, here is some thing for the Stand-up Economist in us all:

[via Greg Mankiw]

And if that isn't nerdy enough for you, then get thee to see this phenomenal review of Rambo, by a Canadian teenager with the single most a propos nom de vlog ever. The whole thing is just over 2 minutes and worth watching from start to finish:

[via Defamer]

Last, and also from Canada, is Terminus, a trippy short film set in Montreal:

[via BoingBoing]


grumps said...

Some night, when the moon is full, that kid's eyebrows are going to smother him in his sleep. I also predict that his fellow AV Clubbers will show that clip at Homecoming on the screen in the cafetorium and he won't touch a live woman until he's 24.

Jb said...

Kind of like "Carrie" sans fish guts ... well played.