Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Doing Anything Friday?

Because you certainly have your options if you want to play hooky ...

Quick question: McCain is now the mathematical GOP nominee, someone who could probably just coast through the rest of the primaries. You'd think he would at least take a few days off after a brutal eight month stretch ... So what's he doing running around Wisconsin -- a state that was going to vote for him anyway?

More importantly, where the hell is Hillary? Recent polling suggests a good size lead for Obama, but not one that can't be overcome with a good fight. We know she really wants to debate (again) Obama in Milwaukee, but it seems she doesn't plan on doing much herself here in the meantime, leaving the state to her surrogates while she stumps in Texas.

I just don't get it, really. This is almost exactly what Giuliani did -- downplay the importance of losing state after state while concentrating efforts on one distant prize only to discover that a long losing streak is almost unrecoverable.

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