Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wisco Primary Postmortem Reader

"White Men Jumped" by John Dickerson.

"The Collapse of Hillary" by Michael Crowley.

A quick look at Obama's demographic successes.

Obama would win a head-to-head match up with John McCain in Wisconsin, according to one poll.

"Denial is No Substitute for Victory" by A.B. Stoddard.

Dick Morris: "There has never been a run-up to a critical primary with less focus and discipline on the part of one of the candidates. It is as if the Clintons are above management and won’t submit to common-sense suggestions from their obviously cowed staff."

From TAPPED: "The loser of the Wisconsin Democratic primary got twice as many votes as the winner of the Republican primary. (440,000 for Clinton to 220,000 for McCain)."

Make up your mind, Noam: Hillary should have committed to a Wisconsin race sooner vs. Wisconsin may not have been so favorable to Hillary, after all.

"How Obama Won Wisconsin" by Edward McClellan and Jay Cost.

Matt Yglesias has a cool county-by-county map of the results, which he ganked from the Journal-Sentinel. Here's Nicholas Beaudrot's version.

Dick Poleman: "Obama can now plausibly argue that he has national appeal; that he can win in northern swing states (Wisconsin), bellwether midwestern states (Missouri), and diehard Democratic states (Maryland), and even red states that are trending Democratic (Virginia). He can argue that his strength among independents and white males, combined with his apparently growing appeal to core Democratic voters, would make him the more effective November candidate. He can even point out, in the days ahead, that Ohio's demographics are roughly the same as Wisconsin's."

Mikey Kaus on why losing Wisconsin may actually be good for Hillary.

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