Monday, February 4, 2008

Oh God, is this Douchebag Back Again?

Why can't Rick Santorum (which, as you surely recall, is Latin for Asshole) quietly slip back into his little home-schooling haven in Northern Virginia like any other washed-up politico? There was talk of Santorum running for president after Bush's 2004 re-election, but he quickly fell from Pennsylvania voters' graces and eventually got smoked in 2006 by Bob Casey.

But that doesn't seem to think he knows what's best for the GOP:

So then the guy sitting behind me starts making phone calls on his cell. He's got a fairly loud and authoritative voice, so I can't help but overhear, and he's making call after call after call to tell various people that we've gotta find a way to beat McCain, just would be just awful, and going on and on about how much McCain sucks and that even having Hillary or Obama would be better than having McCain because he would just be horrible for the conservative movement because he just doesn't get the movement and he's always using liberal language to talk about things and how that's a terrible thing. And in one conversation with one person he was talking to, he was trying to talk him into coming out with a terrible story about McCain from five or six years ago, and he's like yeah, what he did to you was just incredible, and you should go public with that story, etc.

After a while I got up to go get something from the café cart, and it turns out the guy sitting behind me was Rick Santorum, which makes it all the more fun and all the more interesting.

Anyway, Santorum is no longer just shouting into cell phones on the AMTRAK, but now he's out there in the world telling everyone's that McCain's not good for the party because "he has a temper."

Please, stop encouraging this schmuck.