Friday, February 15, 2008

The Local Press Corpse

I tend to believe that when the NW is at it's worst, it's not because it's bias, but rather incompetent -- though the disparity in quality between the two photo galleries chronicling the biggest day in Oshkosh-related politics is enough to make me reconsider ...

On the one hand, we have the Sen. John McCain's thing at EAA: 70 minutes and well-attended by about 700 people. This yielded 41 pictures, over half of which were of the candidate himself.

On the other hand, there was Sen. Obama's deal at Kolf: a 45 minute stump speech heard by over 9 times the number of people as McCain's event, yet which produced a photo gallery consisting of 10 -- and let me spell that out just in case the concept of Arabic numerals escapes anyone -- ten photos, none of which were of Sen. Obama.

Perhaps the NW should stick with displaying pictures of cute babies.

BELATED RETRACTION: Alas, I got way ahead of myself on this one. Saturday's print version was filled with several wonderful pictures from both events that didn't seem to make it online.


capper said...

You think you've got it bad? Try to keep up with a whole henhouse full of these squawkers. If it paid, I could turn this into a full time job.

Too Much Coffee said...

Obama will take 60+% on Tuesday. Hillary is bailing which means her internal polling is telling her that Wisconsin is lost. Obama's got a ground game that is in overdrive, Hillary's is stalled.

I am finding irony in the fate of Hillary's campaign resting with voters in Texas.

CJ said...

Are you sure? ????
Actually there is more than one gallery for Obama on the NW. With Obama oics too.

CJ said...

that's pics...not oics.
grrr- bad fingers, bad.

Too Much Coffee said...

58%. Guess I'm no better than Owen was with Governor Green.