Friday, September 7, 2007

This Post Praises Jonah Goldberg

If Michael Crowley can agree with Rush Limbaugh (even if ever so briefly), then we can praise Jonah Goldberg:

Last night the Weekly Standard hosted a book party for Steve Hayes on the roof deck of the Hay-Adams. Now, normally we're supposed to talk about the Standard the way villagers in Kafiristan in The Man Who Would Be King talk about their enemies in the next village ("Oh, they are terrible people. They pee in the river upstream from us...." etc). But I must say it was a simply wonderful event, despite the presence of Matt Labash, renowned for his mopery with intent to creep. The entire Cheney clan came to the event, which meant all of the guests had to be examined with a discomfiting exactitude before they could get in. Anyway, congrats to the gang from the Standard and especially to Steve, a former NRO contributor I might add.

Discomfiting exactitude ... The visual image of the Washington conservative punditocracy getting together to enjoy a hardy round of body cavity searches followed by a circle jerk around the new Cheney hagiography atop the Hay-Adams will certainly help us get through the day.

Thanks, Jonah!

MORE: TAPPED has more from the event itself.

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