Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wisco to get it's own Chinatown Bus?

A low-cost bus service has bought a new fleet of double-decker buses that will soon be seen on Wisconsin's roads., a Chicago subsidiary of Paramus, N.J.-based Coach US, said Thursday that its daily express service will make its inaugural trip from Chicago to Minneapolis on Friday on its new double-decker bus, which will be the first in the United States, Megabus said. While the Megabus double-deckers will traverse Wisconsin, they are not currently scheduled to stop in the state.

Is that even possible? Can you drive from Chicago to Minneapolis in a huge fricking bus without stopping to refuel? I'm sure there are variables that would make this question difficult to answer, but wouldn't it be a decent idea to stop in Madison, and maybe pick up some more passengers, if you're already driving on I-94? Wouldn't you want at least stop in Tomah and maybe get out and stretch a little bit?

In any event, it's a funky idea.

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