Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Want Ads: Police Officer in the St. Louis Area

Never mind firing the guy, this is a gross abuse of power:

Brett Darrow rigged a dashboard camera in his car and then recorded a St. George, Mo., police officer who started yelling and threatening the 20-year-old after he stopped in a commuter parking lot.


Here are some excerpts from the tirade that followed:

Officer: You wanna try me? You wanna try me tonight? You think you have a bad night? I will ruin your [expletive] night. You wanna try me? Do you wanna try me young boy? You wanna try me tonight young boy? You wanna go to jail for some [expletive] reason I come up with? You wanna see who knows the law better, me or you?

You can watch the video, which contains offensive language and comes in two parts, here and here.

Now, to make matters worse,

During the meeting Darrow asked to see the videotape from Kuehnlein's police car. But according to Uhrig, that footage, inexplicably, is nowhere to be found.

"That's the million-dollar question," Uhrig said. "Our policy says any contact the officer has with the public has to be on tape."

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