Thursday, September 13, 2007

Novak on Fred Thompson

Quoth the DB of Liberty:

Almost immediately following the launch of Fred Thompson's long-anticipated presidential candidacy, important neutral Republicans decreed privately that it had crashed and burned on takeoff. Many of these critics had wanted to board the Thompson campaign but were repelled by his "gatekeepers." That helps explain their attitude now, and not merely because of any bruised feelings caused by their exclusion.

Those gatekeepers screwed up in two ways. First,

Failure to use the past six months to craft an inspirational, exciting campaign can be partly explained by the exclusionist attitude of the old friends and political professionals in possession of Thompson's candidacy.

Second, and astonishingly,

The constricted Thompson circle may explain early shortcomings. After failing to perform opposition research on himself, Thompson has been taken by surprise by the dissection of his career.

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Don Jones said...

Mr. Novak would enjoy Nashville. We have what we call "pickers" here. Actually he can bring several other pundits. "Novak and other pickers" playing The Fred Thompson weak media feeders.

It's sort of like, Gosh this is Thursday. I've got to do a Thompson thing. Let's see now.....

Mr. Novak, you are great, but you and George Will both have degraded yourself with this weeks pitiful shots at your next President.