Thursday, September 6, 2007

More Rediculousness from Duncan Hunter

I must've missed this line from last night's debate:

MR. GOLER: Congressman Hunter, another e-mail question for you.

Scott Baker (sp) of Boise, Idaho says, "For the sake of the GOP, should Larry Craig resign immediately?"

REP. HUNTER: Yeah, I think he should, and I think he ought to stick with this -- with the commitment that he made. And you know, that’s one thing about our party: When our guys have problems like this, they leave -- they leave the Senate or they leave the House. When the Democrats have problems like this, they often make them chairman of -- of their respective committees. (Cheers, applause.)

Oooooh, a committee chairman joke! Spoken like a long-time member of a legislative body whose only executive experience in the future will likely be as the honorary Vice President of the Titan Corp.

I know the GOP's coffers are slim these days, but can the Republicans please do the rest of America a favor and buy this douchebag a ticket back to San Diego?

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