Thursday, September 6, 2007

Iran on Guard?

Remember that kinda creepy e-mail we passed along that originated at a DC think tank?

A prominent fellow at AEI rebuts.

MORE: Barnett Rubin is essentially live-blogging the Iran war roll-out ...

I get the feeling this is how it's gonna be for the next few weeks: (1.) a think tank issues a report/op-ed/conference on the dangers of Iran, (2.) the White House jumps all over it, (3.) bloggers call bullshit and say it's part of a media campaign design to sell war with Iran, (4.) all involved in said accusation deny it, (5.) the story becomes driven by the selling of the war instead of the preparation of the war itself, (6.) repeat.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon may or may not be preparing for a conflict with Iran and the only person apparently concerned with this slight detail is Seymour Hersh.

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