Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fred Thompson: Slack-jawed Yokle or Effete NYC Terror Defender?

Forget all that blogging and those canned webcasts that Fred is so fond of: Unless Big Daddy can start coming across like less of a rambling boob on the stump and in unscripted TV appearances, he has approximately the same shot at victory as Mike I-Can't-Believe-They-Keep-Letting-Me-In-These-Debates Gravel.

Michelle Cottle on Thompson's "Osama gets all the due process he wants wants!" moment.

I hadn't thought about this before, but this can't go well on the heals of the news that Thompson gave some degree of legal advice to a colleague who was defending the accused bombers of Pam Am Flight 103. The two put together do a lot to varnish the image of Thompson as the no-nonsense D.A. that his supporters seem to be enamored by.

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