Monday, September 10, 2007

Campaign '08 B&E

Mitt Romney had his campaign headquarters burglarized over the weekend:

“A campaign spokesman for the former Massachusetts governor described the crime as ‘a routine burglary’ and did not believe it was politically motivated."

Can that really be the case if computers (and presumably their hard drives) are stolen?

This is the campaign headquarters to be broken into. Chris Dodd's had his district office robbed earlier this summer (sorry for flaking on the earlier post; here's a link), and Obama's office in Davenport, Iowa got the same treatment earlier.

The Romney break-in is clearly the most disturbing since it occurred at the campaign's headquarters:

"Several laptops and a TV were stolen," campaign spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said. "All the computers are password-enabled and the hard drives are encrypted. The only thing they're good for is parts."

Sure they are ...

I imagine there will be a conspicuous rise in security expenditures on the next round of finance reports.

MORE: The New Hampshire Democratic party also had their headquarters broken into ... and a picture of Romney incredibly ugly campaign headquarters in Boston -- Wonkette

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