Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So What did we Learn from Ron Johnson's First Day on the Campaign Trail?

So far we don't know what kind of platform Ron Johnson is running on. We know he's conservative, but, really, what the hell does that mean? Today we got our first look at what Johnson's policy positions. Let's review:

As far as what motivated him to run, we've got this:

[Johnson] says growing debt, out of control spending and recent events in Washington helped him make the decision to run for office.

"The passage of Obama care that was just kind of the straw that broke the camels back from my stand point and I thought I just couldn't sit on the sidelines any longer," he said.

Moreover, Obamacare sucks because:
He says it’s essential to maintain freedom in our health care system so the free market will continue to develop new drugs, new devices, and new treatments. Johnson says that’s being threatened by the reforms passed by Congress.
He supports bank regulations:
Johnson also said Wall Street and major banks deserved some of the blame for the nation’s financial problems – and he supports what he called reasonable regulations on those industries.
But there are no indications of which specific regulations he supports.

And just this weekend we learned Johnson supports term limits:

A supporter of term limits, Johnson said: "I'm just respectfully saying it's time for Russ to retire."

That's essentially the known extent of Johnson's policy positions.

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