Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Best Blogger in Oshkosh

While I'm pimping blogs I should give some well deserved props to OSNW3, which is truly the best blog made in Oshkosh. Josh Herman's blog does weather better any news outlet in the state and with more passion.


CJ said...

So true.

Props to OSNW3. :-)

OSNW3 said...

Well, shit, Chief. This entry has caught me by surprise. I truly appreciate your kind words. Accolades of this sort do not get handed out all that much and I am honored. Let it be known that I often link your blog to friends and family. Keep up your great work.

CJ. Thanks, man.

CJ said...

Live chat for tonight's council meeting?

Anonymous said...

Lulz of Irony ~

The Best Blogger "talks about the weather"

OSNW3 said...

haha, clever.