Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ads of the Damned: Mark Neumann: "No Bailouts"

Let's just get this out of the way at the outset: Where's Mark Neumann's hard hat?
The other guys on the construction site have their hats on -- where's Neumann's?

Headgear aside, this is a pretty good spot. Like the earlier Neumann ad, it's an argument via PowerPoint that reiterates his simple formula, or "conservative solution," for tough economic times. This time, instead of being behind a desk, he's surrounded by people who are ... working! Way to reinforce the central message of the script with a visual counterpart!

Here's what we absolutely love about this ad: the light, barely noticeable Vaseline smear around the edges of the frame of the exterior shots. This has the effect of focusing the viewers attention in on Neumann in a very subtle way. You can just make it out in the still above -- look at the window behind the ladder on the far left. Vaseline smears are generally considered a little too "arty" for political adds, but this ad strikes a nice photographic balance.

The interior shots are conventional, but feature Neumann actually interacting with people, something we haven't seen from any of his ads thus far (or Walker's ads, for that matter).

Also interesting of note, the bailouts are a consistently recurring theme throughout many of the first round of campaign ads. It seems to be the catch-all issue that expresses voter discontent at the status quo better than any other.

Final Grade: B-

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s2 said...

grr. I'll have to come back and actually view the ad later. I'm actually "fed up" just like the screamy lady in the other spot.
Too sick of Khaki-panted politicians using bogus blue-collar imagery. I hate it when small-time politicians with lifetimes of cushy jobs and maxed-out benefits (who have never ever done anything BUT) that play lonesome blue collar tune. And I certainly hate it when the Big Boys do it too.

I don't pay a lot of attention to these ads, like normal Americans I view them as worthless piles of shit. We breathe huge sighs or relief when campaign season is over and the ad-men quit breaking their own arms patting themselves n their backs over how they're Leading people's Thoughts. STFU.
God.. They don't "win over" anyone, at best they shore up the opinions of those who already have their minds made up. at worst they're a colossal waste of money and don't do jack when it comes time for the voter to make their typical "lesser of all the evils" choices at the polls. I think these ads mean a lot more to the operatives and campaigners themselves than they do to normal viewers. I guess they might help the "teams" stay motivated (and I really think that's what this stuff is all about) but otherwise I think I'm accurate when I say most people wish this crap would curl up and die. Not too hard to "guess" that seeing people say that all the time.

And I can't imagine Russ puttin' on a hard hat,I hope like hell he never has, and if he ever DOES I'm gonna have to bang my head on the cement he's pretending to pour. Russ no, don't go there. Please.

SO! any ad with crap-tastic and condescending Hard Hat elements gets an automatic F- from me.

Cain't take it no more @__@

OMG, one more thing - those goddam "look down on the viewer" camera angles piss people off NO END. Think about that - it's such a shitty thing to do. Just like those power-mad office dudes with the "visitor" chairs that force you to a lower position than them behind their Big Hard Desks.
God! that ploy is joked about in so many movies etc. It's pretty well accepted as trite and super-Asshole-ish behavior. But the jack-tards who make these commercials keep on doin that same thing to viewers time after time.
grrrrrrrrrr X 10