Monday, May 10, 2010

Ads of the Damned: Mark Neumann, "Insiders"

A while back we talked about how the kitchen was an awesome place to do a campaign ad.

Well, the solarium probably isn't.

The fundamental problem here is that this is really a radio ad. It's just Neumann hanging out in the solarium rapping with the voters, unplugged as it were. The script is fine -- once again Nuemann manages to throw in the word "conservative" into the mix -- but the visuals don't do anything to emphasize the words. In fact, there's really aren't any visuals at all. Midway through the spot we a close-up of Nuemann's hands:
Then a little later we see Neumann looking contemplatively out the window at a brighter future for Wisconsin. Talk about minimalism.

It's another safe and conventional ad that makes viewers work to remember. Neumann actually uses the word "revolution" for the first time in any of his ads in this spot, which seems comically out of place amid oak panels and navy blue blazers. The words may say "tea party," but the visuals scream blue-blood country club set.

Final Grade: C-

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