Thursday, April 1, 2010

For a Good Time Call ...

More sexy time at the RNC!
The Republican National Committee sent a fundraising mail piece earlier this month with a return number that leads to a phone-sex line offering "live, one-on-one talk with a nasty girl who will do anything you want for just $2.99 per minute."

At the bottom of a piece designed to resemble a census form, a toll-free number is listed next to the national party's address.

A voter in Minnesota received the mailer and called the number intending to complain about the attempt to raise money with a form that looks like a government document.

But the Minnesotan was instead directed to a second toll-free number that greets callers as "sexy guy" before offering them the chance to talk with "real local students, housewives and working girls from all over the country."

The individual then forwarded the mail piece to the voter's congressman, a Democrat, who shared it with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

..and Hannity wants to see Palin in a T-shirt
(blaaargh, at the end about 6:10)

Sorry to be naive, but theoretically no one would/should talk to a potential leader of the "greatest Nation on earth" like that, and no Potential Leader should put up with it quite so happily. So either no one _not even her "fans"_ really takes her seriously as anything other than a side show freak,
OR Conservative men are often pukes to women,
or both. Guess I'll take what's behind Door Number 3

and BTW they both just LOVE third parties (about 4:45)or possibly the Third party's cash...