Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Firetruck City Council Live Chat!

Starts at 6:00 PM.

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Thanks for joining us!

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Anonymous said...

Chief, I think the rescision of fees to help buffer Esslinger's pocketbook will have more people commenting than the fire truck. After all the fire truck, while he did things ass-backwards, as usual, doesn't take any money from taxpayer wallets. He only gets what has and will be donated for the rest of this year. The fee thing directly takes from our budget as a city, which is offensive for a man who has made a career of bitching about preserving our dollars and having discussions about wants versus needs. He will save $360 a year if the fees are repealed. If his business can't afford that he might want to consider selling. He's a sorry fuck and piss-poor excuse for a "leader." April 2011 can't come soon enough.

Jb said...

Would you rather look at a picture that encapsulates "rescission of fees" or a picture of a firetruck?

Anonymous said...

Only Paul Esslinger and Dennis McHugh could take fair and justified criticism of his actions and accuse the critics of making it personal because it was Paul Esslinger. That putz has the biggest ego this city has ever seen. Glad his crap was shot down and glad to see there will be one disbursement and one only. Now let's put him on his fire truck and give him a ride out of town.

Anonymous said...

you mean the SECOND biggest this city has ever seen

Anonymous said...

Nope, the first poster had it right about Paul's ego being the biggest the city has seen. It is foreshadowed only by his piss poor judgement.

Anonymous said...

What first poster, we're all the same guy right?
You're me, I'm you, he's us and we're them. Unless he's you and I'm him, But then who are they? Are they us? or were we them for a while but now we're me and you. so think it over and let me know
Or I'll let them know and you can let us know unless he finds out first and tells me so then you'll know too. Cuz yer me.

CJ said...

What the hell happened at the end of the meeting? Caught a brief portion of the finale. Did PE give Dennis McHugh money?

Mr. McHugh who defended PE's "donation" of the firetruck and backed PE' resolution for tavern fees?

Ok. These two are probably not criminal, but boy oh by, they sure are trying to sell it that way. Could you NOT go farther out of your way to avoid controversy and the appearance of impropriety?

Just a little to Blagojevichian for me.
Wow. that rolls right off the tongue.

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