Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mike Haskins Racist Facebook Group is No More

Looks like our #1 Fan has decided to throw in the towel ... or Facebook had the good sense to discontinue his nonsense.

Try to look up the site -- you're not going to be able to find it.


Mike Haskins said...

Sorry, dont get 2 excited now, it WAS temporarily removed due to complaints, but now it is under a different title and hidden from public view available only through invite. So all those pesky complainers cant even view it to complain about it unless they have been invited. Theres always a loophole.....No "throwing in the towel" thats for sure! And now that its out of general public view and invite only i guess yi=oull all have to wonder and imagine what is going on. Ive decided to operate in the black. My members will blend into your liberal materialistic society much as i do, go as far as we can as established citizens and simply.....wait! No sense sticking out like a sore thumb now. I can do MUCH more for my cause by blending in with all different circles. Slowly making racialists out of sheeple, in all of society's classes. LONG LIVE NATIONALISM!

anastacia said...

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Anonymous said...

wow ~ lol.. just reading this makes me laugh.. really. I know him (Mike) personally.. n folks.. don't let him fool u. He's as fake as they come. Nice that he would say operate in the "black".. lol. I will say I do agree w/ he blends in w/ materialistic society.. that he is.. he also "claims" all the time 2 every1 that he isn't a racist.. really? But when 'The Chief' makes his title "Mike Haskins Racist FB Group is No More".. Mike says not to get excited now that it's under a diff name... um.. wow ~ didn't he just admit to the Racial FB page.. that he so claimed it wasn't? LMAO! This guy is as 2-faced as they come.. lol. One min he's claiming he's something.. n the next (behind every1's view) he's completely some1 else.. So yes Mike, u do stick out like a sore thumb ~ y don't u pick a side and stick 2 it.. u really r demented. :) lol!

Mike Haskins said...

why dont you just put your name out there michelle depetro???you who knowingly know that your ex molested your kids and you do nothing about it? not even report it?

Anonymous said...

mike haskins is a member of a known prison gang operating out of a maximum security prison in green bay wisconsin. i dated him for a couple of months when he got out of prison.