Sunday, October 18, 2009

Seriously, What the Hell is Going on in Upstate New York?

If Tom DeLay were still in the GOP leadership, there would be no way in hell a third party candidate would be allowed to siphon off conservative movement money and support in a competitive House race.

It's really a shocking demonstration of grassroots autonomy from a party envied for its discipline over the last generation, and certainly a worrisome development for the GOP. The fact that Dick Armey -- who clashed with DeLay often during their time in Congress -- seems to be part of the gang adding fuel to this fire only makes this spectacle all the more rich.

I understand that there are more than a few conservatives that are pleased as punch with this development, but I can't see how this wins elections. I also can't help but wonder if conservatives who have grown disenchanted with the GOP for being too moderate will use the NY special election as evidence that they no longer need the Republican Party, regardless of the outcome of the special election.


Kevin said...

Here's what's going on. The State GOP in New York is in shambles and basically urged the "Republican" in the race to run just so they could have someone in the race. Truthfully, most GOPers on a national level want the Democrat to win because it sets off a domino-effect in the Empire State.

1) In the special to replace the Democrat (a sitting legislator), the GOP has a great candidate ready to go, and likely capture the abandoned seat. When that happens, it could help with 2012 redistricting.

2) The Democrats approached the "Republican" to also run for them. It's even been rumored if she won, she'd just switch sides and be a Democrat once she's in the house. She's so been on the defensive about that, she's having her press folks issue statements saying in 2011, she votes for Boehner as Speaker.

3) If the "Republican" wins, she will be crushed in the primary by the guy currently running on the Conservative Party (NY) ticket. If she loses, he likely will win the primary anyway.

4) The NRCC and RNC are doing what you'd expect a national party and committee to do, throw money at a race "a Republican" has a chance to win.

Truthfully, everything I've heard, read, or been told, most conservatives can live with a Dem win on this seat. No one expects the Dem to be nothimg more than a place-sitter until 2011 when the guy running as the Conservative (NY), will run as a Republican.

Seriously Jb, do you read only liberal blogs when you look into some of these races, or do you just only care a Republican might lose...which is again, what a lot of conservatives want to happen for the down-ballot strategy.

Jb said...

A little cranky this afternoon, Kevin?

I wasn't aware the Wall Street Journal was considered liberal ... I'll be sure to make the appropriate mental notes.

Anonymous said...

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