Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Real Race?

Sean Duffy seems to be getting some attention today for his fund raising haul for the quarter -- and $120,000 is nothing to scoff at -- but where's the love for Reid Ribble, the 8th CD candidate running against a far more vulnerable opponent and who raised $130,000 in the same period?

It's because Ribble was never on the Real World, right? Or has the GOP just conceded the seat to Steve Kagen in perpetuity?


James Wigderson said...

Man bites dog. Somebody raises big bucks to beat Kagen, pretty neat, but not surprising. Somebody raises big bucks to take on an entrenched incumbent, big story.

I suspect we'll all be hearing a lot about the 8th before too long.

Douglas McCloud said...


Reid Ribble is a very, very, very far right candidate who makes Tom Petri look liberal by comparsion. Ribble has no chance and the $$$ is most likely flowing not form Republican supporters but from ultra conservative sources. He is so far right, he has virtually no chance.