Thursday, September 24, 2009

You're Supposed to Take Out the Trash on Friday!

Not Thursday, gentlemen -- Friday!

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Anonymous said...

A few days have passed since I first wondered what you meant by "trash". Specifically.

if (as it seems to imply) that people who become addicted to a substance are "trash" for having had all of themself reduced to the level of a rat in lab pressing a bar that stimulates the pleasure center in thei brain, while their love-ones watch helplessly - then I'd have to object.

and if it means that such an addicted person who GETS INTO A VEHICLE is trash for having done so, well I will agree that they are yes "a loaded weapon", but (aside from the fact that an addict's thinking is impaired and they aren't reasoning anyway when they pick up the keys, so good luck with "stricter sanctions") but the stricter punishments for the symptom (the ass on car seat symptom) and not addressing the wider and core porblems is a stupid attempt to appease the irate public while not addressing fundamental issues of addiction and substance abuse. It's band-aid of illusion, benefitting onlookers, yet not stopping the bleeding at all.

Similar I would say to toughening Inner City Crime Enforcement while doing nothing to address the conditions that give rise to the Personal Choice of a life of crime.
Wisconsin does not just have a "driving problem", it has a substance abuse problem. A lot of damage happens in a lot of ways, some lethal, some "just" miserable. I personally feel the MAD group is a bunch of loud mouthed people with crappy rhetoric that actually muddies the issue of substance abuse, appearing (as too many do) to be "making headway" while actually impeding any progress on substance abuse.

But "trash"?? really? cuz if you say that about Jef, then it also applies equally to everyone who is struggling in the same way Jeff is. And I garuntee that both Jeff and his family (none of whom I know at all) are in hell and aren't too sure about the way out.
So, ya know..maybe it's good I don't know who you are.

(hopefully this post is old enough that passersby do see my comment and waste their typing energy writing indignantly about how I'm "In favor of drunk driving" because people are stupid like that, and too many seem to exist on this planet merely for the purpose of Missing The Point.
They must have some larger, evolutionary function, but I'll be damned if I know what it is)