Monday, September 7, 2009

Correction: AFP Gave a 9/11 Truther a Speaking Spot at its Sheboygan Tea Party

So we did a little more poking around and found that the site has, at the very minimum, 9/11 Truther sympathies.

Under the "resources" category, links to the web site of a group called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and to the infamous underground "documentary" Loose Change. Screen capture below:
This is unacceptable. Americans for Prosperity should apologize for giving the site's operator, Dr. Zimmermann a platform to appear legitimate and denounce his views on 9/11 at both the state and national levels. Zimmermann apparently used some of his speaking time to pimp his web site at the Sheboygan Tea Party, doing so with AFP's blessing. It doesn't matter if Dr. Zimmermann was there to talk about health care, secession or the price of tea in China -- it speaks to his credibility and that of Americans for Prosperity to let a 9/11 Truther yap away at one of their events.

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Anonymous said...

Chief, me-darlin'
You seem to still be amazed at the Tea people's irrationality. And frankly I don't see how applying NORMAL standards of behavior, or trying to put them into the usual political framework isn't just a waste of time.
It's similar to the Palin analyses - how can she get away with this shit and still have anyone "like" her? I guess I feel the "hows" of it all is something to be looked at with the 20/20 vision of hindsight and other than for purposes of amusement, left alone for now.
The Tea People, non-Joe the non-Plumber, and Sarah Palin have an appeal that is too deep and too wide for comfort. They can have their bullshit-natures revealed and yet their minions don't care at all.
Clearly logic and history and reality are NOT the appeals of the (shifting?) platform of the Tea crowd. But they're not going away are they. Creepily, the organizers of the Tea events have something that hooks ppl, the same way a shitty song has a hook and you can't get it out of your head.

Don't you think the point of all this is simply to mobilize and organize - to get a mass out and off their couches, perhaps to be moved in one or another real direction at some later time? If they are used to hearing sensational rhetoric early on, then any other "lesser" initiatives will seem quite reasonable (to them).
There are days when I think "this must be how the young nazi movement must have looked back in the day". And in fact I beleive it did, they were intially seen as totally "out there" and really dismissed as nutjobs by the so-called Good Germans (such an annoying term for so many reasons)

On my less alarmed days I think well, we have heard those on the "left" say many times during the Bush years that they should "adopt the tactics of the right for use by the left". So now I wonder, are these tea-fests just the ultra-conservatives' attempt at Hippie-hood? Is this teabag shit the ideological equivalent to wearing a Che t-shirt? You could certainly argue that ppl who do that fail to grasp any kind of true historical Che-ness, and that the shirt serves only as a dipslay of personal bravado, and as a "bonding device" and a signal of so-called brotherhood with like-minded types. All of which the tea folks are doing with their various symbols and phrases. But it's all about emotions/delusions IMO
You can't dissect the appeal of Palin with the scalpel of reality (hahaha) any more than you can dissect Che in similar manner. Equal amounts of bullshit. But then given human nature - when Bullshit talks, People walk.

If these trends continue, what will life be like with numerous emotion-bound and polarized groups who are angry about "stuff", who seek power, and are not at all expected to respond to or use any kind of logic?

Now that Bush is out of office and the extremists on the right feel disenfranchised and want to regain power, it's scary to wonder how far they'll go. it doesn't seem real important to me to worry about the bedtime stories they tell each other. I do worry about who ever is behind the curtain at mission control, and what the big plan is.

I'm not sayin' you're an idiot to try to apply reasoning to these people, just that so much of human behavior falls outside of what 'educated' people call reason. I doubt the Huns and the Visigoths engaged in a lot of critical self-examination before their raids, and the pep talks of Ghengis or Urk-the-Endowed may have contained numerous self-contradictions, yet it all seemed to work for them. Ya know? But yeah. it's all pretty creepy...