Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fred Dooley Supports Making Government Bigger

He's jumping aboard the King for Sec. of State bandwagon.

King explicitly says he wants to expand the reach -- and by extension, the cost -- of the Sec. of State position:
Republican David King says Tuesday that like Rice, the Wisconsin secretary of state should go into trouble areas and try to solve problems. King, who runs the nonprofit Milwaukee God Squad, says he wants to use the position to be a mediator and counsel children about drug abuse.
It takes money to travel to those "trouble areas" and to hire speech writers to "counsel children" and "mediation" ain't cheap either. That's all in addition to the traditional filing responsibilities of the Secretary of State.

King's candidacy poses an interesting dilemma for Wisconsin's conservatives: his social conservatism is attractive, but his platform goes against the very principles he's been promoting at Tea Parties around the state. While King may be a personal acquaintance to some bloggers -- and thereby an easy person to endorse -- what King plans to do with the office is in direct contradiction with what he says in public. That's not a candidate that can be taken seriously, and anyone who supports that candidate likewise risks losing his or her own credibility.

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